Mar 25, 2011

When your husband invites you to dinner at a restaurant, always say yes!

Morning!  How are you all today?  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  We had a minor medical emergency Wednesday night, which resulted in me getting a couple of stitches.

Want to know what happened?  I'll spare you the gory details (& pictures).

Wednesday's I have clinicals that last from 6: 30 am - 3:30 pm,  so usually I come home and I am so exhausted. I plop myself down on the couch and take a mini nap. 
(I should mention I'm usually up all night Tuesday night because I'm worrying I've forgotten something or that the next day will go horribly wrong....ask someone in nursing school what I mean, they can relate.)

Anyways, I wake up to find my husband has come home early and I'm pretty excited because it's a lovely day outside and I'm thinking of all the possibilities.  Maybe we can go for a walk, or play tennis, have dinner on the balcony?  Alaa tells me not to worry about dinner and that we'll just eat out tonight.  I'm not a big fan of eating out, so I told him we'd save it for another day and I'll just make tacos.  I open the fridge and notice that we have zero tomatoes left and no sour cream.  So I'm like uh-oh, what are we supposed to put on our tacos?!  Then I remember that we have a couple of avocados so I decided to make guacamole.  Do you guys know that trick where you stick your knife into the pit of the avocado to take the seed out?  Just  stick, twist, and it pops out.
 ( I'm a bit OCD, and doing this keeps the pretty look of the avocado.  I have issues, I know..) 
We'll, I got the first avocado pit out, but the second one wouldn't hold the knife.  I tried to stick it again, and somehow the knife skimmed the surface of the avocado and sliced my finger.  

It was bad.

I was in shock.  I think I let out a gasp followed by a million weak "OMG" and next thing I know my husband is rushing around getting my ID and taking me to the local minor medical center (we probably should've gone to the ER).

Anyways, we left almost 5 hours later and with 10 stitches on my left ring finger. ( I can't fit my wedding ring over my finger :( ) I've never broken a bone before, so 10 stitches is a pretty big deal to me.  And on one finger?  Have mercy.

So at midnight, we finally leave, get my antibiotics, and stop by Taco Bell because my poor husband is starving.  That's when Alaa turns to me and says, " I told you lets go out to eat earlier!"  I couldn't help but laugh.

So the moral of the story is:
When your husband invites you to dinner at a restaurant, always say yes!


  1. omg!! poor thing. hope you heal fast! xoxo

  2. eek! i've been a victim of kitchen mishaps myself that required a trip to the ER. hope your finger feels better soon!

  3. Ok - there needs to be a national ad campaign about that avocado trick....that same thing landed me in ER too!!!!

    The avocado was over-ripe, and I ended up slicing the side of my palm open....yuck! I ended up in ER getting tetanus shots - and they taped the wound shut (luckily just missed getting stitches)...

    Seriously - I learned that trick from the food network- and it is lethal!

  4. Awww! Wow - I would have freaked out! Glad you are (relatively) ok! Hope that finger heals soon! :)

  5. Oh no! I'm glad you are ok! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. you know you've found the right man when he can make light of a scary situation! sorry about your ring finger, habibti. in a few weeks it'll be beautiful again! glad you're ok <3

  7. Aw bless your heart!! That is scary! And I can't tell you how many times I've almost done that with an avacado! Hope your finger is feeling better, love!

    PS. Your cookies ROCKED :)

  8. ouch!! i've never broken a bone either, so i would've freaked out too!! hope you're feeling better and heal up fast!! xo

  9. That must have really hurt. Hope it heals quickly and doesnt hinder your clinicals.


  10. Oh my gosh that's crazy!! I've never broken a bone or had stitches or anything either so I would have reacted the same way. And I don't like going out to eat too so I seriously imagined myself exactly in your shoes. And then my husband woulda been like "told you." haha. I hope your finger is healing quickly!!! xoxox meg

  11. hhha the moral of your story made me laugh but i'm so sorry about your finger!! love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine! i'm following yours now!! xx


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