Jun 6, 2011

The Love List : Fairy Tales are True

As you're reading this, I'm most likely sitting in class..scrambling to take notes, watching the clock tick s.l.o.w.l.y., and dreaming of a far away place that has endless amounts of food and fun.  I found it fitting to  share with you the Sarah's Love List, from Fairytales are True.  This girl is my hero: intelligent, sweet, and has traveled to so many places that I dream to one day visit too.  Did I mention she's a knock out?  I asked Sarah to share her Love List and requested that it catered to all 5 senses.  I thought it'd be kind of neat to catch a glimpse of what blogging can't always provide you.

Without further adieu, I give you Sarah's favorite sense of:

{the sand between my toes and waves crashing at my feet}

{adele. oh so soulful.}

{its a three way tie folks. 
confederate jasmine, magnolias, salt air}

{gaucamole - my favorite.}

{positano, italy!  simply my favorite place on Gods green earth}


I think I'm with Sarah on roughly 5/5 of these.
What are your favorite things that cater to your senses?  Do you have a "6th sense"? I'd love to hear about it!
Happy Monday  Folks :)


  1. ARE WE TWINS!? i love this list. except sand...ehhh. but i love the rest, seriously!

  2. Well I think we might just be new best friends! Guac is my fave, Adele is my current artist of choice,and the beach my fave destination....

  3. thanks for having me nuha!!! (:

  4. guacamole is my favorite taste too.
    that, and 100 other tastes....but really, guacamole is top notch.

  5. oh that last photo! must get there immediately! love this list.

  6. mmmm guacamole.. I can never tire of it..

  7. Listening to Adele via my headphones while sitting at my desk at work...supposed to be "working"...but Adele makes me too chill to do anything serious. Y'know?!? ;)

    Love Sarah's "senses." Great guest post!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Great list Sarah! I loooove sand and the smell of sea and any little town on the water front.... see a pattern?
    xo C.


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