Jul 21, 2011


as much as i love rooms that are calm and classic..i can't help but to get excited over things that overflow with color and character.

example a:
helloooo glamorous!

for the past 20+ years of my life, i've never watched a single episode of sex and the city.  what was i thinking?!  now, i'm literally hunting for episodes i haven't seen.  there's just too much fabulousness to be discovered.

now for example b:

Source: fab.com via Nuha on Pinterest

how cute and fun is this rug?!   the creativity is perfect for an office space. 
i love love loveeeee it!


  1. I'm the exact way with Sex and the City! I'd never watched it before really recently. So good.

    I love, love that rug.

  2. I just RACED to my bedroom to try to find my old SATC season dvds to send you. Apparently I got rid of them. :(

  3. i've only seen the movie - i think i need to track down ALL the episodes!!

  4. i never really watched it either until recently... but i'm totally hooked too! i have no idea why i didn't watch it sooner!

  5. lovely dress:) love your blog, follow u hope u follow me 2


  6. You must watch all of the episodes! There are so many good ones. My maltese is named Charlotte after the one in the series! SJP looks gorgeous in that dress too!


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