Jul 22, 2011

it's all about the boho, baby

i can't believe summer is winding down!  i'm trying to get my fill of all my favorite summer trends....and you know anything boho is at the top of my list

people are already talking about fall...nonsense!  it's 100+ degrees here today in Memphis!  but i should probably face the facts that fall is roughly a month away....but i guess that's not too bad, because fall and summer are my top two favorite seasons.  

like my new cat eye shades? my older sister heba bought them for my birthday (from forever 21!).  what can i say, i heart the girl :)


  1. You are so gorgeous by the way!!!

    it was too hot here today for words... then there was a massive storm... I'm almost ready for fall... eh who am I kidding, I love the heat!

  2. I am praying for the weather to cool down! Love the look and those cat glasses :)

  3. SUPER CUTE! love the boho look - its def a fave summer look.

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous. Scarves make amazing accessories.

  5. Fab scarf - it goes great with the shades ;)


  6. You pull this off fabulously my friend! Its super hot here too but I am loving the pool time!

  7. haha its tooo tooo hot to think of fall! <3 enjoy your summer love!


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