Jul 25, 2011

girl crush : clemence poesy

from harry potter to gossip girl ( not to mention a ton of french films) clemence poesy is every american girls dream : the simple yet stunning french lady

Source: tumblr.com via Alissa on Pinterest

Source: None via Victoria on Pinterest

oh to exude that much confidence and beauty!


  1. I think she is gorgeous! These pictures are stunning!

  2. she's fabulous!! she's something like 27 or 28 and looks ten years younger! i love her style and hair and of course she's talented actress and soooo beautiful! :)

  3. i LOVE her.
    & these are really great pics of her.


  4. she is just stunning!! i love her clothes and her take on what fashion should be :)

  5. i loved her on GG!
    i def have a girl crush too!! her style and hair... so pretty!! :)


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