Jul 11, 2011


Last weekend Alaa and I took a mini vacation to Nashville.  I heart Nashville.
A lot.
While it may not be NYC, I always feel relaxed and refreshed by this cute southern city.  And we got to see family & friends we hadn't seen in a while.

We stayed at the Hilton Suites in Brentwood.  It was in a good location, not far from restaurants or shopping (Greenhills Mall!).  And the houses nearby were gorgeous (we're talking celebrity homes).  The hotel itself is cute too, but there is a lack of parking and we had some pricing confusion.  Next time we'll probably go back to the Hotel Preston or try out a new hotel. 

This is me.
This is me hurting your eyes.

Memphis doesn't have much in the way of shopping, so The Mall at Greenhills is like heaven to me.
Not to mention, they've got a Cheesecake Factory.
Need I say more?
No..I didn't buy these.
{Insert sad face here.}

And we stumbled across the cutest little bakery.  Puffy Muffin.
We got cream cheese muffins and chocolate croissants.

And any trip to Nashville wouldn't be complete without stopping by one of these stores.
Again, no..i didn't buy anything.
{no need for tears}

Oh, and another Nashville ritual?
Have Mercy.

 Do any of you have any recommendations for food, shopping, and hotels for the next time we're in Nashville?  I'd love to hear them!



  1. looks like a great time! nashville is a great city :)

  2. Yum. We have Maggianos here and it's pretty good :) I would love to visit Nashville some time.

  3. i've only been once, but we always talk about one day living there :)

    fun trip and cute outfits!!

  4. How fun! I've always wanted to visit Nashville! Is that a Kate Spade bag?! (:

  5. Ah, nothing better than a little getaway. Was it a birthday add-on? I also love Nashville but haven't been in years. My memories of it are fond.

    How's the new house? I can't wait to see how you've dolled it up xxx

  6. I have never been to Nashville! I'd love to see it one day, this looks like it was a fabulous trip!!
    Nancy xo


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