Jul 12, 2011

The Office

sometime's i have to stop myself from wanting to glam up the whole house as soon as possible.  i keep reminding myself that i want to take my time turning this house into our home and i want to make sure that i love every single piece of furniture we bring into this place.  right now the office is probably the most cluttered room because i want to get rid of our old bookshelves and turn the room into something much more classier.  so basically my jaw dropped when i spotted this office on pinterest.  

Source: None via Nuha on Pinterest

I'm in loveeeeeeee

oh, and here's another "office inspiration" picture for ya


  1. eeek!!! want to work in either office...or blog...or just stare at how pretty the room is.

  2. Those are fantastic. Hey you should have a place you love for your office.


  3. Ok I want the office on the last picture, It's simply amazing!

  4. i want a stylish office like these too!


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