Aug 25, 2011

The Solution: Coconut Cake

it seems like the blogging world has been divided. those who are anxiously awaiting the cooler temperatures that fall is sure to bring, and those who are relishing every last bit of summer.  as for me?  well, i can never choose favorites.  i love the feel of the sun burning through your skin while laying in  the pool, but the crunch of crisp autumn leaves is really addicting.  my solution to this non-existent dilemma is simple:  eat cake and be merry.

coconut cake to be exact.

 White Cake Mix (and all of the necessary ingredients to bake your cake)
Shredded Coconut (Sweet & Unsweet)
Whipped Cream
1 can Cream of Coconut
1 can Condensed Milk

Step 1 : Bake your cake and let it cool
Step 2: Poke holes in your cake.  You can use a knife or skewer to do this.  You're basically making little pores for the cake to absorb the coconut
Step 3:  Mix cream of coconut and condensed milk together.  Pour over cake.
 {tip:  for this bundt cake, i didn't need the whole amount of this mixture.  pour slowly and wait a few minutes until it's been absorbed, then add more.  if you're using a sheet pan and would like to leave the cake in that, then feel free to smother the cake with all of the coconut goodness, trust me it won't be too sweet.}
step4: frost with whipped cream
step 5:  sprinkle with coconut shavings.  i like to mix 1/2 sweet with 1/2 unsweet coconut for just the perfect amount of sweetness.

let sit in a refrigerator overnight.  

i'm pretty sure this will make both summer and fall lovers happy :)

i made it in a chocolate cake version before.  oh. em. gee. guys....SO GOOD!  


  1. ahh, coconut cake is one of my favorites. that's a way easier recipe! love it.

  2. yum!!! i love coconut cake :)

  3. oh honey, i would destroy this cake. YUM!

    question, are you on twitter?

  4. Germantown in Memphis?! I guess they ran out of new names? =)

    PS. That coconut cake looks scrumptious!!

  5. OH Nuha this looks decadent and so, so good. I love how you used whipped cream to keep it light and balance the sweetness of the condensed milk. Genius! I'm 100% making this.

  6. this is so beautiful! i'm definitely going to have to give this a go.

  7. Thank you! I am SO making this!


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