Aug 24, 2011

Currently Coveting

hmmm i wonder what edition of currently coveting this is?  a few of these have been on my list for a while now.  who knows, maybe i'll build up the courage to buy them soon!


  1. beautiful and stylish pieces!

  2. i want those shoes!!!! i am in love with heeled loafers. so much in love. i'm so glad they're back...ahhh

  3. I just bought leather skinnies -- aah! I love your whole list. I want that vest and necklace too.

  4. love the clutch and loafers!! adding them to my wish list on pinterest (which i keep hoping my hubby will find!).

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  5. LOVE the leather skinny pants. I'm sure any girls' love interest would love to see them in those.
    P.s. Out of all the fonts in the world, we use the same one for our photos. :)


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