Sep 14, 2011

the 5-minute updo : a vlog

morning ladies! sorry to be MIA for so long, but I really didn't have anything interesting to say, so why waste time on something that my heart isn't into?  i've got something new to share with you today.  my first ever video blog!  i'm really surprised i'm letting myself upload this...i'm a little awkward if i dare say so myself.  does anyone else ALWAYS feel awkward when seeing/listening to themselves in movies?  oh well, c'est la vie i suppose.  

anyways, every now and then i get the sudden urge to play with make-up/ hair.  my older sister Heba is a genius at that stuff, and while i love it, i never think to "practice" it.  i've had a few events this month, and got a few more coming up (busy september!) so i figured that now would be the perfect time to experiment with new looks.  it's nothing spectacular, and you may already do this yourself, but i was excited (but that's coming from someone who is easily excitable!)

this video is just a tutorial on hair; for make-up i used this tutorial {via make-up geek}.  there's really no need for me to re-iterate what she said, she did it so well already :)


  1. cute - and really simple! i'll be trying this one. it's so boring to always be doing my hair the same way!

  2. so cute! if i had long hair, i would do this :)

  3. love it!! must try for an event i have in november. also, loving the lip color!

  4. Simply gorgeous,

    God I love your hair -- you remind me so much of one of my Jordanian girlfriends.
    Stunning features.

  5. love this! so cute!! must try this soon! xo

  6. Love it! Wish my hair was long enough for this!

  7. Love you vlog!!! I am totally going to give this a shot. I have long, thick layered hair too so I'll do it as you did :) xoxo


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