Sep 15, 2011

cleansing out the seasons

lately, i've been itching to try my hand (and body!) at cleanses.  i've never done one before so i've been trying to find one that's *just right*.    

i'm looking for something no longer than a week (i'm still a cleanse virgin after all)  in addition, i want it to be easy and convenient.  i'd rather not stock the pantry with foods that i may or may not use.  but most importantly, i want it to be beneficial (i.e. SAFE!)  i'm looking to go into DKA here folks.  while i'd love to shed a few pounds along the way, weight loss really isn't my main motivator

do you have any tried and true cleanses? 
 i'd love to hear about your experiences:)


  1. PLEASE let me know what you decide to do....i have been so wanting to try a cleanse too...less than a week YES! we should do one together ;)

  2. It will be hard to find something beneficial for under a week. We eat so much junk that it takes our bodies at least a 3-4 days to get rid of all the toxins we consume. I've done a three week cleanse before, but there also some that are 10 days.
    I did this one ( and in 10 days felt a lot better plus lost weight. I'm about to start the 24 day one. But also I would really just like to make a complete "life-style" change and try the Paleo method.
    But you should definitely try something for longer than a week.
    Good luck!

  3. Hey babe! I started drinking green monster smoothies in the morning about 2 weeks ago, and feel great. It's motivated us to get in shape for spring! I'm posting the recipe this week but will email you with it :)

    Instead of a total cleanse (which can be really intense and sometimes shock your body) how about adding in some superfoods to your diet? Fresh ginger + honey tea, green smoothies, etc?


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