Sep 22, 2011

60's inpsired

Source: via Nuha on Pinterest

 (can you guess who this is?  totally blew me away)

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

i am forever inspired by all things 60's. 
 definitely my era.

p.s. the girl in the second photo is none other than kristen stewart.  i know.  i know.

p.s.s.  happy birthday to Heba, my favorite older sister.  love you!!


  1. Love love love this! 60's is def my era as well, I just can't get enough.

  2. 60s is so ME. Big hair, lots of liner, chunky accesories. Thanks for the birthday wishes Nancy! I lurve you! ps, i'm your ONLY older sister! you don't fool me!! haha

  3. that's kristen stewart?! shocking. i love the hair and makeup - i need to get my tease/hairspray on!

  4. i love the 60s era! so classy yet edgy at the same time! that vogue cover is perfection!

  5. Happy birthday Heba!

    I can't believe that's Kristen Stewart... no way. I'm loving all the strong eyebrows and big hair. Bring it back!

  6. i never would've guessed that was kristen stewart!

    happy birthday to your sister!! :)

  7. Happy birthday to your sister! And yes lovin the makeup look of the 60's!


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