Sep 21, 2011

Lookbook: a teaser

currently, my closet has exploded the entirety of its contents into the bathroom.  i'm in the process of re-arranging the layout and switching over to my fall wardrobe (i'm excited just thinking about it) i like to do a seasonal closet purge on things that i know i probably won't wear again.  i'm thinking to throw a "Clothing Swap" Party with a couple of girls in the next few weeks.  i have tons of shirts, shoes, belts, and accessories that i don't wear but don't have the heart to throw away.  have any of you hosted (or been invited to) a clothing swap before?  i'm a little hesitant to do one, because we'll girls aren't all made the same size and i wouldn't want anyone to feel badly about themselves or feel left out.  but, i figure if i throw a lot of shoes and accessories (even make-up!) to the mix that'll ensure that  everyone has a chance to get something good.  i'm envisioning drinks + macaroons+ mini sandwiches +"Bridesmaids" the movie.  what say you?

On a completely un-related note...this is what i wore on date night with alaa this past weekend.  it's a modified version because really the whole point of these pictures is to show you the faux fur purse i made.  i love it and i can't wait to wear it out!  i'm imaging a wide array of comments, from positive to negative to confused and in between.   would you ever wear a faux fur purse?  i've got a tutorial coming soon.  trust me, it's SO easy! (and cheap!!)

shirt: ralph lauren polo (mens) - Marshalls
pants: leather trouser /leggings - TopShop
Sunnies : F21 (gift)
Purse: Self-Made
Lipstick: Maybelline "Red Revival"

and yes i did resort to taking pictures of my self sitting on the floor (again) a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


  1. I just cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and it felt so good! I hauled away so much to the Goodwill that I now need to go shopping. My rule is if I didn't wear it last Fall until now, I'm not going to wear it now, so out it goes!

  2. I just recently cleaned out my closet and the pile for goodwill was huge. I Love the idea of a clothing / accessories swap. I also love your date night outfit and bag, and the red lipstick is perfect!

  3. hold the phone - you made that?! dang, woman. so much skill!! love the red lips - perfect for date night.

  4. You made that bag!?!? I'm in love with it! Can't wait for the tutorial!!! :) xoxo

  5. so talented! i swear....and gorgeous...and amazing personality....triple threat! ;) love that first pic - so glam!

  6. HOTNESS!!!!!! Wait, you made this purse??! You are a baller.


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