Sep 19, 2011

rainy days

today is one of those perfect days.  ya know where you listen to the steady hum of rain and enjoy the fact that you've got no errands to run, no class, no work.  and what makes it even better is that i've stocked up on fabric and have got an incredible 'to-do' list that i can't wait to conquer.

first up:
coffee + blueberry muffin

no seriously, i've got a few baking and sewing projects i'm wayyyy too excited about

hope you have an amazing day


  1. i totally want to trade lives with you right now!! i hope one day we can enjoy a coffee and muffin and be real life friends :)

  2. :) your plans sound very nice, I hope you come up with something lovely with that fabric and show those things to us ! ^^ I love diy-projects and getting inspiration to do those from other people.

    xx indie by heart

  3. Mmmmm those muffins sound good. Share, share!

  4. Do you make your muffins from scratch? Will you share the recipe? and what are you going to sew? will you share that here also? you should. :)


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