Sep 16, 2011

Lookbook: rule breaker

vest, shirt, belt, heels, & bangles : f21; skirt: vintage; necklace: gifted

do you wear white after labor day?  i unintentionally broke this long-time rule and only realized it when i was looking through these pictures.  but to be honest with you, i love wearing white in the winter fall.  it's kind of like a breath of fresh air.  actually, i love wearing white in general.  something really simple and serene about it.

it's funny, i feel like fashion now-a-days is all about breaking the once strictly enforced fashion rules:
*black and brown don't match (or black and navy)*
*don't wear red lipstick during the day*
*your shoes, bags, and belts must all match*
*black nail polish is for "goths"*
*don't mix your metals*

while i wish i still lived in an era where girls cared more about their outward appearance , i love that now fashion is more fun.  one day you can channel Ralph Lauren with a preppy look and the next you could go boho...the rules are meant to be broken!


  1. LOVE this look! I'm a rule breaker too, I just don't want to give up white yet!

  2. cute outfit
    love the crochet top with the fur vest

  3. I wear white all year long! :)
    And oh my gosh, you are so incredibly GORGEOUS!

  4. Oh my girl. This outfit is dreamy. And here is a link to the shoes I got:'s+Madee.aspx

    (I used a coupon for the site and got it 30% off)

    And I did a guest post on my green smoothie here:

    Let me know if you try it!

  5. love the look! i don't believe in "no white after labor day". I think it was a rule created by people who know nothing about fashion. white is an all-year color!

  6. Love the outfit so pretty. Necklace is beautiful..


  7. I like this blog. i hope you can check out mine.

  8. That skirt is amazing! I have a similar one that I am dying to break out. I am on the hunt for a good fur vest. Love yours!

  9. Super cute! Loved your vblog too!

  10. Keep breaking them habibti, you look stunning! I love mixing my metals :)

  11. you look beautiful. white is SUCH a great color on you! when i wear it i look like a ghost. . . love how you mixed it with the faux fur, too.

  12. I love your skirt!!! is there any way you could tell me where you got it from? thanks!


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