Oct 26, 2011

the "friendly" snake

Let me tell you a little not-so secret secret....I am absolutely terrified of snakes.  We're talking full on phobia...Ophidiophobia to be exact.  On TV, in pictures, or (God forbid) in real life, everything about these cold blooded creatures gives me the chills.  But this snake fearing girl actually is actually attracted to snake in one way...and one way only.  In clothes and accessories.  

Behold the only snake I can open my eyes to...

i should mention i would only wear faux snakeskin...real would definitely be wayyyyy too close for comfort ;-)


  1. I'm with you, I hate snakes but this snake print I don't mind too much! I love the flats and that top!

  2. I love this dress with cnake print. I think is really unique..
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  3. hahaha...i'm rather afraid of them as well! those heels are totally something i would wear. love them!

  4. I love all things animal print/snakeskin!! Love this whole thing!

  5. my coworker had a terrifying fear of snakes. Just the mention would bring her to tears.
    i absolutely adore those mary janes! great find :)

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm so excited to have found yours now, too! :) I also am loving the snakeskin pieces you picked out - I want that dress! :)

  7. i hate snakes!! but i love that clutch and those flats!!


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