Oct 18, 2011

office artwork

i've been thinking about what kind of art work i'd like to hang in the office.  i've finally settled on a "theme" if you will.  i want an abstract painting that is predominantly black and white (personally, i'd love to throw pink and gold in there..but i'll be nice to alaa and restrain myself ).  i've searched etsy for something, anything...but to be honest with you, i'm horrible at searching through page after page of things.  give me a thrift store and i will happily hunt for hours...internet searching, not so much.  anyways, i really want to do it myself. i've always loved painting, but was never really good at it.  but then again, this is abstract...it's not supposed to be good

option a: inkblot inspiration
so while watching project runway a few weeks ago, anthony ryan (whom i love, but sadly will not win...my bet is on Anya ) and his team created a collection inspired by the ink blot test.

very doable, plus, i love the boldness and simplicity of it...

option b:  suminagashi/ marble effect
originally, i knew what i had in mind..but i could seem to find it anywhere.  and when i tried to create the look myself it didn't show up on the paper.  but finally (eureka!)  i found it.  and "it" my dear friends is called suminagashi

Source: ffffound.com via Nuha on Pinterest

what say you?
i'm leaning towards the suminagashi art, but i wonder...should i put it on paper or a canvas?


  1. love the marble looking ones!! how cool that you're going to do it. i bet he wouldn't notice a tiny bit of pink :)

  2. Ooh I like the marble effect! Did you see the DIY abstract over at Danielle Oakey Interiors? AMAZEBALLS.

  3. Oh goodness tough decision. I really love the ink blot!

  4. Beautiful! I feel like these paintings really inspire creativity and independent thought. Great for the office where one is usually placed in a box...lol.

  5. marbled graph paper! interesting! :)

  6. I love the marbled look. Generally for me, the more abstract, the better! Can't wait to see pics of your big office reveal.


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