Oct 19, 2011

Secret Admirer

my sister saved these two pictures on my computer the other day and i have been oohing and aahing over them.  i wish i knew who the blogger was!  i'm sensing some outfit inspiration coming this way ;-)

i'll see if heba remembers the blogger behind these gorgeous photos...or by chance, you already know?


  1. Ooh, love the looks too! Too bad the source got lost, but I hope your sister will remember it ^^ Would be lovely to visit that page too!

    xx Satu

  2. such cute outfits!! i think i need a sparkly black skirt for the holidays this year :)

  3. Here's the bloggers link. Her name is Chriselle and she has a youtube channel that I love too! http://chriselleinc.com/blog/

    <3 your favorite sister!

  4. Thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog ! I love the second look, amazing ! Kisses from Paris !

  5. In love with these but the second one is so edgy and chic.


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