Nov 15, 2011

Girl Crush: Blogger Edition

This edition of "girl crush" is a wee bit different than the others.  As much as I love certain Hollywood stars, I'm more envious of ordinary girls.  Except in the blogging world, these girls are kind of a big deal.  While they all share a love for fashion ( & food!)..each girl has a unique style that caters specifically to her.  
And I am in l-o-v-e.
(in no specific order)

gorgeous & spunky...i adore Zarna's fun take on fashion.  she's my neighbor in Nashville and I would LOVE  to meet her face to face.

It's embarrassing how often I check BEE's blog ( a couple hundred thousand times a day?  What?  you know you do too.)  If I had one style icon it would definitely be BEE.  All hail to the queen of layering.

Okay, seriously, this is probably my biggest girl crush.  She has a gorgeous name (Audrey!), has an amazing eye for color, and is one hell of a cook (we're talking everything from tarte's to macaroons.  the pictures make me so hungry!).  Did I mention she's gorgeous?  See for yourself.

Source: via Nuha on Pinterest

Source: via Nuha on Pinterest

I would love the chance to meet any of these girls...and ya know, kinda be their best friend?  now go check them out  and tell them Nuha sent you!


  1. Loving the mix of prints, textures, and lengths in these photos!


  2. never read any of their blogs - where have i been?!? i want to be/meet all of them :)

  3. i've see 2 of the 3... can't wait to check out zarna's!! her photos are gorg!

  4. love atlantic pacific! have to check the others too. too cute.


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