Nov 14, 2011

Lookbook: black, red, and bold

Shirt: F21
Blazer: Dillards
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: F21
Buables: F21, Jessica Simpson, & random department stores

 did you know that i have naturally curly hair?  no?  i think these pictures are the perfect justification for why i straighten my hair all the time.  too much volume + out-of-control = annoying.  one time, in kindergarden, a girl in my close told me my hair was curly because my mom curled it with her fingers when i was little.  i've finally come to the conclusion that what she said was entirely false.  the nerve of that girl.  but, i've still got a grudge against mom..she got the gorgeous wavy hair, while i got an afro puff....and her thighs.  but on the bright side,'s what got kim k. famous?

the glass is always half full around here :)


  1. LOVE your red pants! This look is great!

  2. so pretty , I love this colors

  3. I thought you were Kim K.:)) Rock it sister!

  4. Your hair is amazing! Love the volume, girls would kill for that! And you look hot! Those red pants are fab.

  5. Totally disagree! Your hair is amazing!

  6. Giiiirl you have got it going on. So gorgeous!

  7. Love the red pants! Wish I was bold enough to pull it off! I have naturally curly hair too, so I can totally relate! xo

  8. Yeah! Perfect outfit for you to come to a UGA football game with me! : )


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