Jan 23, 2012

GG Wedding & Fashion

*update* sorry for the mix up- the GG wedding will air next week, January 30th.  Can't wait!

Today is a big day my dear friends.  Today there will be a wedding!  
And not just any wedding.  
No, No.

It's sure to be an incredible fete filled with dresses that I'm sure you'll be hearing all about in blogger reviews in the next few days.

My dear friends, today is the day Blair Waldorf says "I do".

Okay, Okay, I'll spare you the teenage girl drama..but seriously, I'm excited to see how this goes down.  Plus, I'm uber excited to see what everyone is wearing.  Since my own sister is planning a summer wedding I've got all sorts of dresses on my mind - sequin, chiffon, lace, mermaid?  The list goes on and on.  

Yesterday, Refinery29 surprised us with a sneak peak of the upcoming Gossip Girl episode and I was happy to learn that Blair's bridesmaids wore Vera Wang dresses designed for David's Bridal- a line called "White".  I guess long gone are the days that DB was a last resort place.  

VIA Refinery29
While the 3 bridesmaids dresses are "okay"- I love Serena's dress.  The color, the fit, and simplicity.  All of it is sheer elegance.  But, surely it can't be that easy for me to simply be able to see a dress on one of my favorite fashion icons and pick it up in a store nearby.  

Apparently, only the short, ruffled flower dresses are available in the "White" collection.


But never fear, I've found similar dresses to fit my fancy.

Remember these dresses that I rounded up for a Royal Wedding inspired post?  

Still love 'em.  But -as with all things i love- they cost a lot of dinero.
We're talking $$$.

But here are some more options I've rounded up.
Some are mucho dinero, other's I'm not sure how much.

 1 &2//3//4// 5

A lot of these dresses are on the nude/pale side and while I love the color I feel like it's way too light to wear to a wedding- more specifically my sister's wedding - I think the bride should stand out in her white dress.  So nude, ivory,and beige are out...but I'm really feeling anything with a pastel tone.  I'll keep my fingers crossed I find something that's just right.

In the meantime, I'll just drool over Serena's dress.


  1. TIME. OUT. Blair isn't marrying Chuck? I hadn't even though about GG forever then got an email this morning with the show in the first line haha

    the david's bridal bridesmaids dresses are fab! go Vera!


  2. Oh yeah, the nude is the new black. And it will suit you wonderfully :dream:

    I like the bridesmaids' dresses... I don't follow the series but for this episode alone I could start ahahahah

    Wishing you a fun week,

  3. Serena's dress is insane! Incredibly stunning! I love each of your finds. They are unique with really cool texture!

  4. I can't wait to see! Counting down the minutes and I'm attached to my couch :) xoxo

  5. Just popping in to say hi and thank you for the sweet comment you left on Running on happiness! And I don't watch the show, but, that is definitely a beautiful dress :)

  6. I looove Serena's dress! So gorgeous!
    Thanks for visiting Fashion Truffles earlier. I'm now following :)

  7. I know I saw those dresses last on GG and my husband said, "Do you like those?" and my response was, "I LOVE Serena's dress!".


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