Jan 19, 2012


I love wearing hats-especially during the winter- and lately I've been endlessly inspired by turbans (this one in particular).  I vaguely remembered spotting a couple of turbans in the back of my moms closet and decided I would do her a favor and "lend" them to myself.  She forgot they were even there so I think it was a win- win situation.   I wasn't quite ready to take on the town wearing one just yet...but looking at these pictures now kinda gets me excited.  And I kinda can't wait for the chance to wear one again.

So I must ask, are turbans do's or don'ts?

p.s.  the spelling of "don'ts" is funny


  1. Aah I feel like I would look ridic but you pull it off perfectly! So cool that they were your moms, vintage makes them even cooler. :)

  2. I love raiding my mom's closet, granted she's 5'2 and everything is petite, every now and then I find some gems.

    Any I think you look GREAT with a turban. I've never really been able to pull off a hat. Or any headwear for that matter...

    p.s. love the gold bracelets!!!

  3. love the turban on you! its definitely a look i would never be able to pull off. xx

  4. I love your bracelets! They are gorgeous! Have an amazing weekend :)

  5. I dig it on you. If anyone objects just say you're channelling our heritage.. Ha

  6. You can for sure pull it off, it looks really good on you!


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