Jan 27, 2012

lookbook: rainy day

Is it just me or are you completely over "winter"?!  The weather lately has been a toss up between gorgeous or freezing -which leaves us with cloudy, rainy days in between.  I'm ready for a true snowy winter or warm sunny days.  I decided to reach for these summer colors to ward off the winter blues. 

Rain or shine, happy weekend!  Anyone have exciting plans?


  1. What a lovely look, so bright and happy and chic, love that sky blue

  2. Your red dress is wonderful!! Happy weekend! xoxo

  3. oh love the colors here! the weather here in SC is so strange - it's been warm all week! so forget the faux fur vest i just bought!

    happy weekend, friend!

  4. i am definitely over winter... even though it really hasn't been that bad here... i'm still over it!!


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