Jan 26, 2012

Rue La La +Chanel

What do you get when you combine Rue La La + Chanel?  

Sold out. 

 In minutes.

Here's a little screen shot I took of what I like to call "virtual Chanel pandemonium".

Please notice the times in the upper right corner.  

The Rue La La sale starts at 10 am Central time.  Things were sold out within 2 minutes- literally!  Insaneeeeeeeee.

And also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a peak at what was left when I checked this morning.

mmm yea.  just about nothing.

I was really hoping to get my Chanel groove on, but sadly, I was unable to groove.

I would like to groove with this baby though.  Who cares if it belongs to someone else?
Not I, says the owner of this blog.
Source: ruelala.com via Nuha on Pinterest

Until next time Mademoiselle Coco.

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