Feb 27, 2012

my life in instagram

1.]  office 
2.] leopard case
3.] chocolate bark
4.] gold rococo bed a.k.a my dream bed
5.] bedazzled cat cuff
6.] bridget bardot spread
7.] gorgeous landscaping ( so want my backyard to look like this)
8.] gold cake stand
9.]  diy chinoiserie 
10.] dinner - garlic roasted asparagus & mushrooms
11.] jason wu for target
12.] chocolate chip heart cookies for valentine's day

i've had instagram for a while now, but just now getting into it - i think i'm headed for an unhealthy addiction.  
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  1. Garlic asparagus and mushrooms. MMmmm. Sounds like dinner tonight for me! :) Fun photos, chica!

  2. i love instagram! it looks like you have been busy!

  3. i just got instagram!! i am so following. seriously....that second picture is UNREAL! you are stunning. who cares about the leopard case! haha i am in love with your look and your outfit!


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