Feb 21, 2012

New Series: Our House

We're 8 months into living in our new place and I feel like I still haven't completely designed a single room. I know that homes are a "work in progress" and that it'll never feel completely done to me.  In the meantime, I want to start sharing glimpses of the little nooks and crannies that I have been able to put my own touch on.

First up, the the fireplace mantel.

I bought the gold gilded mirror at an antique store after randomly spotting a sidewalk sale.  It was basically love at first sight and I took it home right away, without even consulting Alaa.  ( I never do that- I want this to be our home, not just mine.)  The candelabras are antique as well, picked up in a little city in Arkansas.  The art is something I scribbled together a few days ago and may get re-painted.  The mercury glass candle holders and votives were bought at Marshalls.


  1. looks gorgeous! love the mix of gold with the coral pink candles.xx


  2. I really like the candelabras and how well they go with the mirror. Looks great so far. And as far as feeling like you've really put rooms together, it will get there, but one room at a time, and slowly :) This REALLY used to bother me as so many of our friends seemed to have their whole house finished in a matter of weeks. But I think slow and steady wins this race and you don't then feel the NEED to redecorate (and spend a million more bucks) right away.

  3. i love your hot pink candle sticks!


  4. Love this! That mirror is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!

  5. I LOOOOVE the bright pink candlesticks and your new gold mirror! What a statement!
    And your painting is beautiful! Don't change a thing about it ;)

  6. Gorgeous mirror! I have a similar vintage one in my entry way.

    And just love your mantel in general, so pretty.
    Red Soles and Red Wine

  7. The mantel looks great! I am in love with your little painting!!

  8. I feel like I just read my own facebook status with that first sentence! LOL! Its tough getting everything together but its also fun to have a challenge. Those candlesticks are a blast! I love the pairing! Beautiful.
    Have a great weekend ahead Nuha!

  9. Been meaning to tell you this. I really like your 'new' blog header.

  10. I adore the mirror! My dream is to have lovely, unqiue mirrors all over our house one day :)

  11. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :-*

    great photos :-) these items are wonderful, especially the mirror

  12. Love the mirror
    Thanks for always visiting my blog page



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