Apr 26, 2012

My top 10 summer essentials

Living in the south, the summer heat can be unbearable.  But living on the Mississippi River, the summer heat + humidity can make you absolutely miserable.  Over the years I've found myself coming to back to these simple pieces that keep me calm, cool, and collected.  

1.) A plain white oversized tee.  I think white is an essential, but I like to stock up on other fun colors too.
2.)  Summer Scarf.  I absolutely love the summer boho look and this is a great way to get it.  Just make sure your scarf is light and made from a "breathable" fabric.
3.)  Coconut Mist. Nothing says summer like the fresh scent of coconut oil.  I love it so much I'm guilty of wearing this throughout the winter too.  
4.) Maxi dress.  An absolute essential and perfect for the days when you just don't want to shave your legs.  *ahem*
5.) Hair Pieces.  I absolutely adore this House of Harlow greek inspired hair piece.
6.) Wedge Sandals.  They're perfect dressed up or down.
7.) Flats.  Warmer weather is not the time to stay in doors, and lets face it, you can only walk for so long in heels.
8.) Hoop earrings.  Ummm yes.  You need these.  Combine with beach hair.
9.) Floppy hat.  Perfect for the days when you're lounging poolside or simply don't want to fix your hair.
10.) Linen Pants.  There is nothing worse than a hot day when you're all sweaty and having a tight pair of jeans that make your thighs feel like baked sausages.  Enough said.


  1. Oh, Nicole Richie is always inspiring. And I totally agree with you on all your picks! Great post.

    T xx

    November Grey

  2. a big YES to all of these ;)

  3. The floppy hat is a must for upcoming pool season!

  4. That coconut mist looks amazing! I am such a sucker for pretty bottles too :)

  5. Yes Girl! You are SO RIGHT on all of these. Coconut scents, hoop earrings and maxi dresses are my favorite!

  6. I love it all, especially the wedge sandals


  7. Really great picks! All of these items just remind me of summer and what's to come!!

  8. YES!! great pieces ;)

    DIY and more:

  9. LOVE those flats. The pop of yellow is perfect!

  10. PLEASE convince your cute hubs to move to Charleston so you can be my new bestie and teach me how to be fashionable. Please! It's pretty here...

  11. I love the summer scarf - perfect colour combination and great with the pink pants.

  12. Ah, cannot wait to swap 6 weeks of Aussie winter for DC/Bali summer!!! Also can't wait to shop in the US where I can afford everything, ha.

    PS I'm a firm believer in year-round scarves too :)

  13. ASOS dress is stunning, I had to ban myself from that site for my own financial sanity.


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