Jun 6, 2012

San Diego Eats

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new restaurants.  Unfortunately, Memphis is bombarded with franchises and while there are a select few privately owned restaurants, there has yet to be one that keeps me coming back.  We didn't eat out much in Los Angeles, mainly because my Teta was there.  And well, you don't tell Teta that you're going out to eat.  She cooks amazing food, so it really wasn't much of a sacrifice.  Just a quick note :these may not be the most amazing restaurants in San Diego, but I thought they were worthwhile to share.  Even more, the majority of which I would love to re-visit one day.

This was our first bite to eat upon landing in San Diego.  It was recommended to us by a local and ohmygosh..i loved it!  The atmosphere is so very chic and alluring.  There's outdoor and indoor seating, and a menu that is just as inviting.  It doesn't hurt that our waiter was incredibly nice too.  Go here with your girl friend or with your beau..just go!

via Snooze website
  This restaurant is breakfast only and closes it's doors at 2:30.  The wait is kinda long (about 1 hr to 1.5 hours), but in the mean time you can take a stroll around the downtown area.  Buy coffee and relax or shop next door at Urban Outfitters.  If you're remotely sleepy, Snooze will definitely jolt you awake.  It's a hip, vibrant restaurant that has songs blaring and a very modern feel.  I ordered the OMG! French Toast and it was OMG - to die for.  Super sweet, just like dessert.  And I was pleasantly surprised that the grapefruit juice I ordered had pulp.  Pulp makes me happy

via Mission website
Again, another breakfast eatery in downtown San Diego.  Doors close at 3 so be sure to come before then.  Our hotel clerk suggested this restaurant to us, and I'm glad we went.  It's an eclectic space with a very tex-mex influenced menu.  They've got a ton of fun coffee's to try and the portions are huge.  If you're a potatoes for breakfast person, this is your place.

( I can't seem to find a decent picture, so I won't do it the injustice of putting something up that isn't attractive.)
My original plan was to look for a good hispanic restaurant, and I kept seeing Costa Brava's name pop up.  This is an incredibly romantic restaurant that's known for serving things Spanish style a.k.a. tapas.  I had never been to a Spanish restaurant before, so in lieu of a traditional entree, Alaa and I just ordered a few tapas and split them.  It was late, and we weren't that hungry so around 5 tapas (split between the two of us..they're pretty small plates) was enough for us.  Try the croquettes..so so yummy!

via Georges website
I wanted our last night in California to be special so we decided to dine at Georges.  Apparently, there's three parts to this restaurant:  California Modern, George's Bar, and the Ocean Terrace.  We decided to go to the rooftop and have dinner.  Again, be prepared to wait around 1 - 1.5 hour to be seated.  Luckily, there's a ton of gorgeous little shops lining the street and surrounding area.  A lot of really lovely galleries are right across the street, so that's how we killed time.  It was already a pretty chilly day, so naturally sitting on the roof, in front of the ocean, outside we were pretty darn cold.  But they've prepared by having outdoor heaters between every few tables, and they'll give you a fleece blanket if you ask.  I'll be honest, Alaa's steak and fries were actually really good..my Mahi Mahi on the other hand, was nothing spectacular.  But, I wouldn't mind going back again to try something else.  And my recommendation is to book a table at a time where you can watch the sunset.  I bet it'd be beautiful.

There's a ton of cute little shops that I would have loved to try, but even I can only eat so much.  Take Chocolat for example.  I'm a huge sucker for cute little restaurants and Chocolat is no exception.  Just look at all of the gorgeous gelato!

Dear Chocolat, 

Next time I'm in San Diego I will love you in my own special way.

Yours truly,

*a huge thanks to Megan for some amazing recommendations!*


  1. I'm going to San Diego very soon so I will most definitely rely on this post to help me find those cute eateries! Thank you! Yum!

    Cathy Trails

  2. love the necklace you are wearing - SO CUTE
    love statement necklaces


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  4. I love post about restaruants , I have posted today as well about a place I have discovered in Sofia , Bulgaria

  5. My mouth is watering now, that gelato looks incredible & all of these places sound amazing.

    You look gorgeous in blue by the way xo

  6. Your blog is amazing! So inspiring.
    I hope you visit me and we can follow each other if you like. I'd be so glad.



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