Aug 7, 2012

:: man up ::

Blazer: H&M  | shirt: unknown  |  jeans: Miu Miu  |  shoes : F21  | necklace: paris  | watch : Michael Kors  | bracelets : Apricot Lane & F21

I like this outfit is simple, yet eye catching.  Just a bit of masculinity played up with a pearl kind of outfit :-)  I bought these pants on our California vacation (way back in May) and I have been meaning to hem them ever since.  After months of having them stowed away in my closet, I decided to wear them - hemmed or not.

...but now that I'm looking back at these pictures, I seriously need to get these pants hemmed.



  1. love this look ! the collar is sooo beautiful !

    XX Luba

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  2. You are adorable! I LOVE this pearl collar - I've never seen something like it.

  3. You are so beautiful!! Love your style girl!

    Cathy Trails

  4. Love the collar! Great look all around -


  5. You are working those jeans girl! Lovely style you have!

  6. Honestly, I LOVE the long unhemmed pant leg! It's just so flattering! And the collar is simply fabulous. Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Holly Foxen Wells


  7. I love this outfit, and the pant lenght looks perfect to me.

  8. i love the collar on your shirt. so darling! and don't worry! i have few pants that desperately needs a tailor's touch. i keep on telling myself that it's going to happen next weekend, but then it's been months.


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