Aug 3, 2012

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top & pants: forever 21 (very years ago old)  | sandals: cynthia rowley  | watch: michael kors  | bangles: f21, apricot lane, jessica simpson  | sunnies : antique shop

Today is my first weekend off in what feels like forever.  The sky is charcoal grey and lightening...and the sound of thunder is humming me back to sleep.  All I want to do is crawl back into bed with my book, but naturally, I have a million things to do - all of which must be done before 1 this afternoon.  It's 9:40....and I'm still in my pajamas.  I thought this outfit would be perfectly ironic for a rainy day like today.  A few days ago I was pining for just a little bit of shade  and decided if I must go out, it would be in light linen pants.  I've had these pants for years, years guys  and I *still* wear them multiple times a week during the summer, and *still* get compliments on them.  Best part is they were super cheap.   Bad part is I can't seem to find anymore like them!  Word to the wise - when you find great linen pants, buy them...and buy them all.

*p.s. apparently mother nature knows I'm talking to you about her...she just rumbled a big, fat hello*


  1. What a lovely, timeless look! Note to self: shop for linen pants.

  2. comfy chic! I love you sunnies...enjoy your weekend off doll


  3. ooooh I crave the hello of Mother Nature. Rain is good for us in AZ! :) Love the pants - I just bought some linen ones that I love from Banana Republic -- and on sale for $15'ish?!

  4. such a fun blog! love the white on white...


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