Sep 6, 2012

:: XX or XY ::

Today we have our 18 week ultrasound and it's a big one.  Hopefully, we'll find out if we'll be welcoming a little dude or dudette into this world - just typing that out gives me the chills!!  I'm super excited yet so nervous at the same time!  I guess having another peek at the baby and finally being able to call it a "he" or "she" kind of makes it all the more real.  This is crazy!

So do you think we'll be having one of these:

 or these:
Source: via Nuha on Pinterest

I have a slight guess, but I refuse to say just yet.   My other hunch is that the babe will be a little secretive  and not give us any peeks - keepin' us on our toes! Either way, all I truly want is a healthy, good hearted child.  
That would definitely be the gift of a lifetime.


  1. I'm thinking girl! Love the little boy's outfit though... to die for.

  2. Cuties! Congrats & lovely to meet you. I'm a fan of any girl who also loves life... and glitter ;)

  3. omg where did you find those pictures?! They are the cutest babies!!! I am leaning towards a.... girl. :)

  4. SO EXCITING!! Both boys & girls are great, so you can't go wrong:) Can't wait to find out!


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