Nov 6, 2012

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So you're on your on lunch break and you head to the mirror for a quick hair & make-up check and it's not there anymore - you know, the make-up you applied ever so carefully earlier that morning.  This happens to me all. the . time.  Primer or not, by mid-afternoon my make-up seems to have vanished leaving me looking sick and yellow faced. 


Luckily, I've recently discovered two new (to me) products that leave me looking fresh-faced all day.  Cheek stains, which usually double as lip stains as well, are the perfect solution to keep your face looking lively all day.  I just swipe a little of this onto the apples of my cheeks and rub it in.  I'll be getting off of a 12- hour shift and this stuff is still on my cheeks.  Love it.

For years, I've searched for the perfect mascara.  I'll start off loving the fresh tube, but then after a few applications it just gets clumpy.  Not to mention, I was using two different mascaras to get both longer and voluminous lashes. Not fun.  I've been using Buxom Amplified Lash for a few months now and - oh my gosh- I'm in love.  This stuff rocks!  It gives me long, thick, clump free lashes.  I just twist the mascara wand to tighten up the bristles et voila  I've got a denser brush to give me more volume.  I absolutely adore this stuff.  And did I mention it stays on forever?  And doesn't flake?  Perfection!


  1. Gorgeous, love the tint product, it's so nice! x

  2. Will definitely have to try the mascara, I've been looking for a new one :)



  3. need to try that mascara. hope you're doing well nuha! xo

  4. I have BOTH of these products, actually. They are amazing!

    The Glossy Life

  5. mascara is my best friend. The clinique and dior ones are really good too :)


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