Nov 7, 2012

Je Veux... a rocking horse

Source: via Nuha on Pinterest

This weekend I was out with Alaa when I stumbled upon a vintage rocking horse.  Unfortunately, the one I saw wasn't for sale - dangitt!  Now, I can't get the image of a cute little wooden horse out of my head.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a local Craigslist posting that I could DIY.  I'm thinking it'd be cute to throw a little modern spin on it.  Make it black and white, but not in a zebra way.  Let's hope that I find one soon!


  1. This post brought out my childhood memories. It was my dream to own a rocking horse as a child but, never could:( Yes, with so much diy we could do, possibilities are endless now. I will also look to make one:)

  2. cute = DDD

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  3. too darn cute. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'm giving away a $375.00 handbag as a giant thank you. I'd love if you'd enter. xo


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