Jan 14, 2013

// Stripes Re-visited //

dress: gap , jacket : old (unknown), tights + flats : target, necklace : paris, gifted

I've learned that with pregnancy you've got to be pret-ty careful about what you wear.  What's comfortable one minute, is suddenly suffocating the next.  Even worse, what looks great from the front can look embarrassingly horrible from the side - I'm looking at you flowy skirts!    You all know how much I love my chiffon skirts that are loose and flowy.  From the front  they look okay, but when I turn to the side the beautiful flowy-ness that I love basically backstabs me.  My very-much-out-there pregnant belly and the loose fabric makes me look like I'm 10 feet wide.  *Cue the bus reversing noise *  Basically, I've learned that fitted is a much better approach to dressing my pregnant body.  It's definitely more flattering and if you get something in a jersey/ cotton fabric it's unbelievably comfortable too.


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