Jan 28, 2013

The NOT so Maternity, maternity Wear

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of "maternity clothes".  Maybe it's because I was afraid to look frumpy or maybe it's because I was afraid the extra "room to grow" would encourage me to over indulge in my favorite treats ..actually I do that regardless.  Anyways, I digress.  Basically, I wanted to shop my closet for as long as I could and figured I'd invest in a pair of maternity jeans and a belly band when the time came.  Lucky for me, I found a few tricks that held on strong throughout my pregnancy.  I'm 39 weeks today (aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!) and I haven't bought anything maternity - except for a belly band.  Here are my tips for getting through your pregnancy sans moo moo's.

jegging : Hands down probably the most important thing on this list.  Never underestimate the power of stretch denim! I only have one pair of jeggings, but I'd say invest in at least 2 different shades - only because I got bored of wearing the same pair of pants.
 boyfriend tee : Notice the boyfriend part of this - meaning it's loose and long.  No baby tee's here!  Get it at least a size larger than your normal. 
 button down : Again, get this a few sizes larger than your normal.  This J.Crew version is my fave. It easy and comfortable, yet polished.
  cardigan:  Get a light cardigan that is pretty long - like to your thighs long.  When your shirts start getting snugger (and your booty starts getting bigger) this is the perfect cover up.  Also, I have a sleeveless version for days that it's super hot.  I couldn't find one online, but if you find one get it!
  belly band:  I only have one of these and truly I didn't start using it until recently.  Some people swear it helps keep their pants up - I'm just paranoid people know my pants are open that I give it away anyways.  It has come in hand recently though.  It lets me wear some of my shorter shirts without worrying about my tummy showing.
  leggings:  Let me start off by saying that I am of the political party "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!!!"  That was until about 2 weeks ago when I basically boycotted all types of pants.  Swelling is not your friend during pregnancy.  So basically, leggings are not pants for  the non-pregnant population.  However, those of us who are pregnant may reap their benefits. 
 flats (mintblack) :  I pretty much wore all of the same shoes - heels and flats- but for daily errands flats are your friends.  Get a few pointy toe pairs to make an outfit a tad bit fancier.
 jersey dress :  Remember my post about wearing fitted dresses v. flowy dresses?  A maxi jersey dress is great because it's comfortable and versatile.  You can run around in it or dress it up.  I wish I had bought one of these sooner.

So there you have it!  The main idea is get a few basic staples and rotate them.  Jazz things up with accessories and your good to go!


  1. Super tips, I agree. I didn't wear maternity clothes, just good clothes a size bigger or stretchy. Makes a world of difference when you can wear clothes you are comfy in. Congrats, almost there ;) xx

  2. I totally agree! Especially the cardigan thing - you can wear your pre pregnancy cardigans pretty much the whole time, just unbutton and wear a larger shirt underneath. Plus they make maternity clothes so pricy, this is a much better set of options. Also, if you wear your jeans unzipped - you can just wear a long tank over - they won't fall off - promise. Haha.

  3. Love those mint flats! I can never stop myself from a good pair of flats!

    Thanks for stopping by theresnoplacelikehomemke.com! I also love finding new blogs!

  4. The problem is that when your belly grows.. the dress front becomes shorter and shorter. It starts to look rather comical. I was tiny and I still suffered from too short front skirt dress syndrome. I bought most of my maternity wear from asos as maternity wear in Australia is overpriced and frumpy.

    Also who sent out a memo that horizontal stripes is a good look for maternity wear?

  5. great choices! I'm loving the flats


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