Jun 18, 2013

:: Color Play ::

Tshirt : J Crew | Pants : JCrew | Vest : Old Navy | Belt : Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Necklace : JCrew | Turban : old, my moms | Shades: Vintage

I bought these pants last winter while I was very much pregnant and in a very "none of my clothes fit me so I'm going to buy new clothes even though those probably won't fit me either" shopping spree.  I am all about my linen pants in the summer, because there is nothing more uncomfortable than tight pants on a hot and sticky summer day.  Agh - I cringe just thinking about it.  Now, I expected these pants to be a bright pop of pink  but whoa - I wasn't expecting them to be NEON.  No really- they're NEON PINK PANTS.  Whattt?  So, naturally I kind of loved them but I really had no idea how to wear them.    I kept thinking of ways to tone down the color and so I resorted to white.  But the white wasn't really what I was going for - it kind of made the pink brighter in a highlighter sort of way.  

Am I even making sense anymore?  

Anyways...I decided to tone down the color by adding another color.  Kind of like a distraction, if you will.  And then I turned to my handy dandy vest to kind of bring it all together.  (This vest is a life- saver.  I really need to get the jacket.)  So since I decided that I already looked mildy ridiculous and that my hair was out-of-control (short, curly hair is a pain) I topped it off with a turban (pun fully intended).  The end result?  I'm not really sure, my sisters weren't around to judge me.

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  1. i'm crazy about those pants, the perfect pop of color!

    Xo Courtney // ColorMeCourtney.com


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