Aug 2, 2013

:: Turbans & Tee's ::

t-shirt : j.crew | denim : miu miu | heels + bag : zara | turban: old, mom | shades : prada | scarf: old, unknown | watch: michael kors

Scarves and hats are my favorite way to dress up on outfit.  It was in the low 80's this past weekend so I was able to get away with a light, summer scarf and a turban that I got from my mom.  My original intention was to go for a boho look, but I kind of got side tracked in the process.  But, that's what's so fun about dressing up!  You can constantly switch and re-arrange things until they work for you .  I always love investing in fun accessories that make my heart skip a beat.  It lets me channel a side of myself that isn't always displayed and it lets me convey those feelings to everyone around me without uttering a single word.  

And that my dears, is what I love about dressing up in general.

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