Jul 30, 2013

Watermelon Coconut Creme

I always seem to have left over chunks of watermelon sitting in my fridge that are usually left waiting, lonely...ignored.  In the end I throw these innocent "un-wanteds" out because quite frankly, I'm sick of seeing them in my fridge.  But, one day I decided to give these guys a shot at redemption.  Meaning, I had my sisters over and they were complaining that I had nothing good to eat.  By this they mean - "Why don't you buy chips?  or "You don't have that cotton candy ice cream you bought 10 months ago anymore?".  Apparently, my edamame and 100 calorie dark chocolate covered banana packs are not satisfying enough.  

Let's be honest.  Usually they're not.


I decided I would throw a bunch of stuff together and see how it turned out.  And by golly - I think it turned out alright.  Very light and refreshing, if I do say so myself.


  1. nice|!!

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  2. This looks amazing. Totally happening soon - thanks for sharing!


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