Sep 16, 2013

'ello moto

It's high time that I get myself a new leather jacket.  The last one I bought was maybe 5 or 6 years ago and I have worn that sucker out.  Plus, it doesn't fit as well anymore.  Hello post-pregnancy body ...we've got issues.  So as much as I wish that I could go ahead and buy the ultimate "for the rest of my life / investment piece" leather jacket, I will retreat to buying one that I will love up on just as much but for less $$.  Sound good to you?  Sounds good to me!

SO here's a round up of a few of my favorite moto jackets...obviously some of which are un-realistic, but then again who am I if not an un-realistic dreamer?

Zara //  Zara // H&M // 
H&M // Zara

I'm absolutely obsessed with the cognac leather zara jacket, but then again I'm obsessed with anything that color.  The H&M quilted version is pretty cute, but I'm not sure if I want another fitted moto.  Maybe this time around I'll go with something edgier and looser.  And then color wise I'm kind of attracted to the white, but I feel like I owe it to myself to get a classic black.  Agh!  Decisions decisions!


  1. I LOVE all of those jackets!!

    McKell Hyer

  2. This leather jackets are very nice, I like all jackets.


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