Nov 2, 2013

:: D.C. ::

sweater: washington d.c. gift shop | skirt : asos | shoes : guess (old) | necklace: paris, gifted  | sunnies : f21 | watch : michael kors

Hi guys!  It's been a while - a long while - since I've last posted, so I thought I'd pop in  today and say hello.  I've been thinking about this little blog a lot lately and I've missed all the creativity and inspiration behind it.  Truthfully, since the beginning of my pregnancy I've felt uninspired and not really into putting the effort needed to maintain this blog.  Which is weird, because I've probably been the most creative and made the most changes this past year than I have my whole life.  I guess I just really wanted to LIVE versus sit behind a computer and talk about it.  But,  I'm not ready to let go of this outlet just yet - I guess you could say I'm a little attached!  

Anyways,  here is an outfit I wore this past week.  It's one of my favorite type of outfits since it's got little bits of fun, prep, and girly-ness all mixed in.  I decided to throw on the mirrored aviators last minute to make it less serious.  And those gold shoes?  I bought them YEARS ago and they've been one of my favorite purchases to date.

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  1. She looks gorgeous in this dress, this baby blue is really very nice choice.


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