Jan 3, 2011

Handbag Lust

I'm swooning over these quilted bags by Marc Jacobs.  They look Channel-ish to me.  But at more than $1,000 a pop I don't think it'll be in the cards for me.   I may have to hunt down a faux one.

But seriously, I am in love.




Which one is your favorite?


  1. Love them. They have a bag similar at Aldo that I drool over every time I go there.

  2. A few years ago I'd say the black but I like the beige. It would go nicely with jeans, boots and a cardigan.

  3. I've obsessed over the Stam for a few years (the one with studs is so rocker chic!) They do go on sale occasionally so hoping you get one this year!

  4. I would like to rock the beige one:)

    Too much money for a handbag. I need furniture.

    Amy R.

  5. those do look like chanel bags! i want to be rich and get all three! :) i think i like beige the best.

  6. I got an eggplant colored one that I got at an employee sale (my friend works there) and it is SUPER cute but sooo heavy! I'll suffer for fashion though ;)

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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