Jan 10, 2011

DIY Ruffle Belt

Last week I told you I'd share how I made the ruffle belt in this post. (Actually I told you I'd tell you how the next day but I kinda sorta forgot...whoopsie daisy!)

So the rumor is true.  IT'S SNOWING! I figured if your anything like me on a snow day all you want to do is stay at home, be lazy, and craft! ha!  Okay maybe you're not as cheesy as me but I promise you can still do this.  I put together the tutorial in pictures and if you have any questions, ask away.

I got the idea from here :

Various fabrics ( silk, tulle, whatever you'd like) - you don't need much, about 1/8 yard is plenty
Coordinating string
Coordinating ribbon
Candle/ Match Stick

1.) Cut all of your fabric into squares about the size that you want your petals to be.
2.) Round your edges by snipping on the tip of each corner.
3.) This is where the match stick comes in and its completely optional.  Notice the edges are already fraying in the first pictures.  Simply take your flame and lightly singe the outer edges of your fabric.  Be very careful when you do this, you don't want the whole piece of fabric to catch on fire! ( Note - you don't need to do this with the tulle.)
   4.)  Pinch your inner fabric first (in my case the tulle) and then repeat with your outer fabric.
5.) Take your needle and thread and sew the two fabrics together.  Make sure your getting both fabrics when you do this.
6.) Make as many petals as you want and start to play around with your arrangement.  Since I had a wider ribbon I placed to petals side by side for each "row".  
7.) Cut your ribbon to your desired length.  Keep in mind the placement of the petals when you tie your ribbon.  I wanted my petals to be set to a side and for the ribbon to flow underneath.  Play around with it until you get the desired style.
8.)  Start sewing your petals on one by one.  Keep going until you like how it looks.
 9.)Wear it!
And that's it!  Less than 10 steps!  Super easy and super cute if I may say so myself.  
The possibilities are endless with this...necklace, mini earrings, headband.  So cute!!
Can't wait to see how yours turns out!


  1. Love that, you could even take the same approach and attach the ruffle to a plain pillow to give it a little lift-then you and your home could both look stylish.

  2. i remember seeing this in your post last week! so this DIY was super cool!!!!

  3. So cute! I'm definitely going to try this.

  4. A beautifully done and so useful tutorial!


  5. Thank you! I have been trying to make a corsage like this for weeks, but I couldn't quite get it right, and now i realize what I was doing wrong. AH so excited now to try again. You're amazing!

  6. WHOOHOO! Thanks for the link and tutorial! =) It looks so cute/chic/awesome! =)

    I want pizza for dinner tooooo! I think a thin crust Margareta pizza is in order! mmm with spinach too!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


  7. Oh my this is so pretty! I'm definitely going to try it out! It's so feminine and chic and I love that its homemade!! xo, Kels

  8. love it! thanks for sharing :). happy snow day!!

  9. This is so pretty! I can't wait to try it!

  10. This reminds me of J.Crew. Great tutorial:)

    Amy R.

  11. Love this so much!!! Lovely..


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