Mar 15, 2012

today you can find me...

...trying to squeeze into one of these cute little numbers.  Today is the launch of DVF's collection for GapKids and I'm excited to finally have a signature patterned piece that's in my budget - basically a national holiday.  But can I tell you a not so funny story?  Earlier this week, I popped into Gap/ GapKids and couldn't remember the exact date that the DVF collection launched.  As a normal person would do, I asked the sales lady what day exactly it'd be available.  Here's a re-cap of our conversation:

Me: Hi!  What day does the DVF collection launch?
Sales lady:  I'm sorry, I don't know what that is (with a blank expression on her face)
Me:  The Diane Von Furstenberg collaboration...
Sales lady:  Oh, I've never heard of it
Me:  .....(blank expression on my face)

And that my friends is Memphis fashion in a nutshell

Are you planning on "checking out" the new collection or is buying kids clothes not up your alley?


  1. OMG Nuha you seriously made me laugh out loud (aka lol) I could just imagine that lady's face and you looking like you just came from LA or something. It's something that would happen here in R-Town! Let me know if you find something once it's out! x

  2. cute pants

  3. That's too funny! You would think they would know what you are talking about since they WORK there! Sheesh. I wish I could fit in to kids clothes!! DVF can do no wrong in my book.

  4. Those little pink pants are too cute!!!

  5. That little cardigan is so cute! I wish I was a kid again now ;-). Love your little anecdote! xx

  6. your blog is beautifully laid out! keep up the great work!

    best wishes from


  7. cute selection I like the pants !

  8. Haha that is St. Louis fashion in a nutshell, too! Loved your office on MadeByGirl today!

    xoxo, Emily

  9. what a cute blog! And post. I love your ideas and layouts. adorable! xo

  10. Omg.. That made me laugh.
    I love the pants! So cute.

  11. thse clothes are so cute... make me want to be a baby again!

  12. Haha, now that right there is funny! xD
    Well, at least they've got a fashionista who actually knows her stuff.
    Love the little cardi!

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