Jan 21, 2014

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shirt: jcrew | jacket : asos | pants : old navy |  shoes : old navy | scarf : palestine

Almost two years ago, I took a position as a RN at the local children's hospital.  During my pre-employment physical, the nurse was collecting information about my vaccinations and asked if I was pregnant or could be pregnant (for booster shot reasons).  I remember my exact response was "There's always a possibility."  Truthfully, after a fruitless year of trying to conceive a baby my answer was pretty emotionless.  I went home and figured I should take a pregnancy test just incase I needed to get any booster shots.  I almost didn't because I knew that all I would see was that one line taunting me -  "not pregnant. " 

But this time was different.  I felt different.  So take a pregnancy test I did and guess what- it was positive.   I was shocked and so so excited.

But then I remembered that I had just accepted a job.

Shit.  I was going to get fired before I even began.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, I decided to keep the pregnancy a secret for normal "wait it out" reasons and because I was so worried my boss would hate me.  One day at work, I was commenting that I didn't have much of an appetite and just didn't feel good.  A few minutes later I got a text from one of my sweet coworkers saying.  

G: "Hey, do you think you could be pregnant?"

Oh crap, she knows.

Since this girl was one of my preceptors and we had previously talked about our family and kids  (and since I was dying to tell someone)  I confessed.  Funny thing is, my confession wasn't the surprise.  Her response was.

G: " I'm pregnant too!!"

N: "What?!?!  How many weeks are you?!  When are you due?! adjksfjka;ida!!"

G:  "  I'm about 6 weeks and I'm due in February!"

N: "WHAT?!  I'M 6 weeks too!!!"

Basically, after that conversation Gena and I were bound together for life.  Our first pregnancies - both girls.  When I remember being pregnant with Suzanne and thinking about her first year, Gena and her sweet baby Lucca are always there sharing our memories with us.  Lucca was born 8 days after Suzanne.  There's something so special about knowing someone from the moment they were born.  We are so grateful to have them and I am so happy that Suzanne was gifted an instant best friend.  I should probably apologize to Lucca for all of the times Suzanne's excitement scared her.  She get's her "overly-excited about everything" quality from me.  Sorry L. ;-)

Anyways,  yesterday's gorgeous weather was the perfect excuse to hang out with Gena and Lucca.  The only downfall was that everyone else and their extended family thought that being outside on a holiday was a good idea too.  Either way, we always love our play dates with our favorite Italian girls.    Gena is a girl after my own heart and I feel so lucky to have her with me on this crazy ride called motherhood.  Who would have imagined how nice it is to always have someone to talk to about nursing bra's, teething babies, and all things mommy.  I'm counting my lucky stars.


  1. Mabrook, my dear! Congrats! First pregnancy is very exciting and I wish you all the best!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  2. Cute outfit, isn't being a mom the best :)



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